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David and Lisa Samuelson Family - Minneapolis, MN David samuelson was born 4-17-60 in St. Paul, MN of Connie Northup and adopted by Charles and Idella Samuelson on 5-16-60 of Thief River Falls, MN through Lutheran Social Services. Charles (b.2-10-27) grew up on a farm 5 miles west of Crookston, MN, and Idella (b.9-17-28) grew up on a farm 2 1/2 miles south east of Plummer, MN. Dad is 100% Swede and mom is 100% Norwegian. We've had some lively Lutefisk dinners with the Swedes and Norwegians defaming each other. Mom and dad got to know each other on the bus to and from Moorhead State Teachers College (now MSU), in the dining hall, and at the Lutheran Students Association weekly meetings in 1947. They were both teachers by trade, except Mom stayed home to raise us while we were young.

David left TRF for Fargo, ND and attended NDSU for Architecture from 1980 to 1986. A 5 year program took an extra year with all of the socializing required in those days. In 1984 David asked Lisa (b.6-7-64) to dance while at Mick's South in Moorhead and they have been dancing since then. The wedding was the same day as graduation (5-24-86), because all the relatives were in town that day anyway. Two weeks later we were in California with Lisa in the Occupational Therapy Graduate program at Loma Linda University and David as an Intern Architect. We were Catholic and Lutheran surrounded by Seventh Day Adventists. It was an interesting experience. We attended a few of the meetings to get an overview and made some good friends. We even went vegetarian for 6 months until we couldn't take it anymore. We were skinny, healthy, and bored to tears with eating. Lisa developed chronic sinusitus from the smog and the dry air so we moved back to God's country in 1990. The last seven years David had been a corporate representative, hiring and managing architecture and construction for restaurants and hotels. 70 hour work weeks and hotel rooms drained the life out of him, and he finally saw the light in January 1999. Life has been good working out of the basement selling construction services for commissions. David is a licensed Architect in Minnesota since 9-22-93. Lisa gave up Pediatric Occupational Therapy (Registered 8-18-88) to raise the family, and has 5 more years of that until her next career. The family is active in Bethlehem Lutheran Church on 41st and Lyndale in South Minneapolis.

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David Samuelson Family

Children of David and Lisa Samuelson

Haley Amanda Samuelson born 9-11-92
Hope Elizabeth Samuelson born 4-30-97
Hannah Marie Samuelson born 4-3-99

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